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NibsAll Fosfor pens come with Schmidt nib units. In case a special nib unit such as Jowo or Bock is to be fitted, please contact me before placing the order.
You may use the form below to add a special nib to yuor pen order. Please do not order just the nib.

Nib Upgrade:
Tip Size:
MaterialThe pen design and its material can be interchangeable. If you like a particular design and want to choose a different material, please have a look at the Available Materials.
ClipsSome pen designs are better suited without a clip, such as the Islander. However, for functional use, a clip may be needed so that the pen can be clipped in a pocket.
Please click on the image below to visit the gallery showing all the Clips Clips
Bands925 Sterling silver bands that are hand crafted. These bands are suitable for Islander or custom pens. The oversized bands will not fit the Islander pen.
Please click on the image below to visit the gallery showing all the Bands
Fosfor - Sterling Silver Bands
Section/GripThe nib holding section can also be customized according to the desired grip.
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Section Designs
Fosfor - Section Designs
Filling Mechanism
  • Standard C/C Filler

  • This is a Cartridge Converter filling system which takes a standard international cartridge or converter. A Schmidt K5 converter will be included with this type of filling mechanism.

  • Piston Filler

  • The piston filler is a self-filling mechanism with all handmade parts. The turning knob for a piston filler pen will operate the piston, which is made in Delrin. The piston has 2 "O" rings that provide good ink seal.

  • Plunger Filler

  • This type of filler is also known as a Vac filler. It has a stainless steel rod with a specially designed "Plunger Washer" attached to it. It fills the pen in downward motion of the plunger when vaccuum is released towards the end of the downward movement.

  • Button Filler

  • This is a Sac based filling system with a button which operates a pressure bar. A Silicone Sac is attached directly to the section. The button is hidden underneath a blind cap on the barrel. The button itself can be made in Bronze or the same material as the pen.

  • Pump Filler

  • This type of filler has a clear acrylic pump button hidden underneath a blind cap on the barrel. A stainless spring is used for keeping the button in its normal position. For this filler to be effective, the feed must have a breather tube installed in it.

    Most of the filling mechanisms can be made available on any pen design. However, please confirm this before starting your order.
     Custom Handcrafted Pens


    All Fosfor pens are handcrafted. Most of the parts used are also custom made. Fosfor pens are fitted with quality nib units from Schmidt Technology - Germany. Every pen comes with an ink converter.

    The acrylic material used for Fosfor pens is either Polyester Resin or a specially formulated resin such as Alumilite. The grip section is made from Ebonite.