Custom Handcrafted Pens

About Fosfor Pens

Fosfor stands for the element phosphorous which possesses brilliance. Fosfor Pens is about creating writing instruments that are innovative. Just like the method for discovering phosphorous involved persistence, Fosfor Pens is aimed at generating new ideas in a persistent manner to serve the ever-growing community of fountain pen users.

The basics of fountain pens have not changed for decades, however the discovery of new materials and methods has led to a new generation of pen enthusiasts who are creating exceptional quality writing instruments. Fosfor Pens is one such endeavor that joins this revolution.

About the Maker

Manoj has been a fountain pen enthusiast since childhood. He grew up in the western parts of India using many of the locally branded pens and the Chinese Hero pens. Later he started collecting new and vintage fountain pens. During a visit to a wood craft store, he came across kits used for making pens. “I asked the salesman what do I need to use this kit? and he replied “well, you need a drill and a lathe machine”. That is when he started looking into pen making and turning them on a lathe. “I eventually bought a small watchmakers lathe and started making pens as a hobby”. 

This was the beginning of the enterprise and the pen making hobby has now turned into a full-time occupation for Manoj. He makes pens from Wood, Ebonite, epoxy and polyester. He continues to develop new techniques for making pens that are unique. “No one in India that I am aware of is offering wood pens on a regular basis. I have also developed my own technique for casting polyester resin to make colorful pens”. Passion for pens and especially fountain pens is what drives Manoj to create these handcrafted masterpieces.