Pricing for the Ashtakone pen starts at $135 USD.

Overall Length when capped145 mm5 3/4"
Overall Length when un-capped135 mm5 3/8"
Maximum Barrel Width15.5 mm0.61"
Maximum Cap Width17.5 mm0.69"

Ashtakone was a result of many months of research and innovative technology to create a pen that is ultra classy but still offordable. It can be customized with options such as filling mechanism, cap bands, hand made clip etc. 

Ashta in sanskrit means eight and Kone means "in the corner". Ashtakone means eight corners. This is a pen that has eight facets on the cap and barrel. Utmost care is taken to make sure that the facets on the cap and barrel are matched when the pen capped. Both the cap and barrel have a taper towards the end, giving this pens a classy look.

Technical Specifications:

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